Porsche slates in potent Cayenne Turbo S

Porsche sets the tone up by unveiling the details of second generation Cayenne Turbo S. The seventh model in the line-up of SUVs can punch hard with its frantic figures of performance. Derived from the Cayenne Turbo, it has more standard features to cope with the mighty numbers.

Getting to 60 mph from a standstill is dealt with 4.5s – two tenths quicker than its sibling Cayenne and clip off a 175 mph top speed. The roaring V8 displaces 550 hp from a 4.8-litre engine, about 50 hp up from the original Turbo. The Turbo S-model pulls out a whooping 553 lb-ft of torque as opposed to 516 lb-ft from the standard version.

The standard kits include Porsche Dynamic, Chassis Control, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, and Power Steering Plus. In terms of handling, these clever technologies play a vital role in squeezing out the maximum yet in the safest way possible.

PDCC does aid the car not to get body rolled and even deprives it to the lowest by adjusting the air suspension settings. The 4WD Turbo S adopts the same chassis configuration as the Cayenne Turbo with added features like active damping control. Torque Vectoring Plus adjusts the rear differential lock and aids traction, thereby, cornering.

Meanwhile, Power Steering Plus assists the power depending upon the speed. This twin-turbo motor is coupled to an automatic eight-speed gearbox and claims to be the most extravagant and powerful SUV ever leaving the factory. The economy stays the same as Cayenne Turbo at 8.70 kmpl and CO2 emission of 270g/km as well.

The carryover could be witnessed with the 21-inch alloys from 911 Turbo-II rims with specially designed coloured Porsche badges. The new interior comes in two options namely black/red and black/ luxor beige leather upholstery package usually unusual in Cayennes with carbon fibre trims adding a sense of beauty.

The mostly optional Sport Chrono package is also standard in it. Porsche have made the distinguishing of the duo very easily. The black-gloss finish dominates the exterior which includes glossy air intake and headlamp housing in the front. The rear view mirror also gets the same treatment while the aluminium twin-exhaust pipes bark on.

The potent SUV is priced from £107,460 in UK and to be launched in January of 2013. In India, Cayenne Turbo is fitted with a price tag of Rs. 1 crore 28 lakhs, and as obviously, the Turbo S could pip that as well.