The Prestigious Maharaja Express to travel to Kerala via Goa


Luxurious Maharaja Express to travel via Goa

Unarguably the most luxurious tourist train in India with finesse at par with the Orient Express of the West, Maharajas Express has redefined the art of elegant train travelling in India. This luxurious Maharaja Express to en-route Goa by next year during the monsoon season, according to plans proposed by the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu.

Designed to recreate elegance and pageantry of the personal carriages of erstwhile maharajas, the interiors of this luxury train in India is suffused with nostalgia.

Elegance of a bygone era and state of the art amenities coalesce seamlessly to offer 5 Star living in the quaint interiors of the Maharaja Express.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said “There is ample scope for tourism in Goa and (the) Konkan belt. I have asked (the) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) to introduce world’s most expensive luxury train ‘Maharaja Express’ in southern India covering Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala.

The travel by Maharaja Express train is very expensive and hence will attract high-end tourist and generate revenue for railway as well as (the) state,” He also made a mention that the train will help in generating employment and revenue for the state.”

The Maharaja Express was voted the world’s leading luxury train service four times in a row at WTA (World Travel Awards) starting from 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Currently, the train runs on five circuits covering more than 12 destinations across northwest and central India. The major destination is said to be Rajasthan where it runs from October to April.

The Maharajah Express offers various packages which include:

  • Heritage of India (8 days/ 7 nights)
  • Treasures of India (4 days/ 3 nights)
  • Gems of India (4 days/ 3 nights)
  • Indian panorama (8 days/ 7 nights)
  • Indian splendor (8 days/ 7 nights)

How Goa to benefit

A train almost half a mile long redefines luxury and comfort. It recreates the Lifestyle of a princely era and Goa to experience the same in coming days.

Maharaja Express is expected to bring in high-end tourists to Goa which is largely dependent on tourist, and will help to boost the economy. Also many jobs are expected to be created from the extended route. Let’s hope these jobs are given to the locals.

Goans can also get an opportunity to travel by the Maharaja Express but will have shell out a good amount of money for the experience.

Are you ready to travel like a Maharaja to the best place in India – GOA?

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