Registrations for Goa Vintage Bike and Car Festival 2016 opens


Registrations for Goa Vintage Bike and Car Festival 2016 have been opened.

A one day Vintage Bike and Car Festival 2016, and the first of its kind, is being organized by Goa Tourism to promote the passion for restoring and maintaining vintage bikes and cars.

Click here to download the form – Vintage Bike & Car rally form (Open the form and right click on ‘save as’ to save it on you mobile or computer (laptop/desktop)

Please note – you can fill the form and email it to – with all supporting documents or you can fill the form and submit it to GOA TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD., Paryatan Bhavan, 3rd  Floor, Patto, Panaji-Goa.403001

For more details one can call – Anil Dalal, GTDC – 9422057704 / 8379022215.

Rules and Regulations for the Rally

  1. Participation without registration will not be allowed
  2. Participation in the GTDC Vintage bike and car festival shall be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. GTDC and the organizers cannot be held responsible in any way for breakdown or damage to participating vehicle/displayed vehicle. Parking is at owners risk solely
  3. The rally will adhere to the time schedule as per plan
  4. A Pilot car will lead the rally along the entire route
  5. Participants will keep to the left side of the road and should not violate traffic rules
  6. Participants will maintain a maximum cruising speed of 35 kms /hr
  7. No overtaking will be allowed
  8. Vehicles will be arranged to deal with any vehicular break downs
  9. All the drivers should carry their valid and current vehicle registration papers, insurance documents and driving license with them
  10. Participants will not cause any constrictions to the smooth flow of traffic
  11. Each participating vehicle is eligible for two breakfast and lunch coupons
  12. Bikes shall be permitted rider plus one pillion (plus one in side car; if any) while passengers to a car is restricted to a maximum of four, including the driver
  13. The organizers many screen all the vehicles, Participants are requested to ensure that their vehicle looks good and are in proper working order
  14. Vehicle owners will be liable for any damage to other participant’s vehicles or spectators caused due to negligence of the owner driver or driver
  15. Vehicle will be flagged off as per the serial no. allotted; Vehicles participating in the parade must drive in the same order
  16. All participating vehicle must maintain 25 feet gap as breaking distance between each vehicle
  17. Upon breakdown / Malfunction of your vehicle move to the left and signal the following vehicle to pass. Inform the organizers thereafter. Specific slots will be allotted to each vehicle for display purposes
  18. Kindly ensure that you park your vehicle at the allocated spot
  19. Judging of vehicles will be done by professional judges and their decision will be final
  20. All participating vehicles are obligated to remain on display between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on 1st Oct 2016
  21. The organizers decline liability of any and or omission resulting in any loss, injury or accident caused by or to participants and the participating cars and two wheelers or the persons or the property or a third party before, during or after the event. The sponsors organizers GTDC and the State Government of GOA also decline any liability for breach of laws and regulations. Participants will be held entirely responsible for any accident or breach of laws in which they may be involved and shall declare to organizers particulars of any accident from which liability may arise and shall indemnity the sponsors, the organizers, the state Government of Goa in regard to any liability of a participant, driver, spectator, crew members, agents shall have no claim against the sponsors, the organizers, Government of India and The State Government of Goa arising out of any action of the organizers their servants or agents or officials during the rally .
  22. The organizers may add their discretion, abandon, cancel or postponed the meet in case of unforeseen circumstances
  23. The organizers reserve the right to delete and or change any part of the route should they deem it necessary or expedient at any time or due to force majeure or for any other reason
  24. The interpretation of this rules and regulations and decisions regarding and unforeseen circumstances shall rest with the organizers
  25. The organizers of the event are empowered to take the decision of any case not covered by present regulations

You can also write your questions to for your queries and we will ensure we can reply to your queries at the earliest.