Road Trip – a Reality with Self Drive Rentals

Travelling by road is a more immersive way to experience a journey. Those chai stops and conversations, the unique snack and the vastness of the countryside – these are as prominent an occasion as reaching the destination itself.

Bangalore has a strategic location that suits every type of weekend getaway. The beaches are not too far away, whether it is Pondicherry or Udupi one chooses, while the mighty Nilgiris lay south, their summits shrouded in blue mist and their jungles teeming with the beasts of Kipling’s yore.

Many people plan road trips, in excited conversations with friends, but it is still dependent on the car owner to free up his or her schedule. Informed travellers now though are impatient and ready for adventure, and car rentals with affordable rates and a range of vehicle choices are making many plans come true.

The Blue Hills

The Nilgiris offer a combination of heritage, culture and scenery, unparalleled in the region. Idyllic lakeside towns and expansive tea gardens provide just the weekend remedy for a harried week at the office. Kodaikanal is a town that blends its picturesque location with a quaint colonial vibe, a piece of the past still living on in those frigid mornings as fog envelopes the town.

Ooty is a famed hill-station and the 280-km drive from Bangalore is punctuated with many interesting sights and detours, which can be enjoyed best when travelling on one’s own terms. On the way, one can stop at Mysore and admire the palace of the Wadiyars. The Masinagudi range falls on the way to Ooty and known for its pristine wilderness, habitat for elephants and tigers.

East Coast Attraction

Pondicherry with its French-inspired history and bohemian scenes is a world-famous coastal destination. A drive through Tamil Nadu’s countryside leads to the city by the Bay. Attractions here also include the ashrams of Auroville, including the unique Matri Mandir. Adventure activities in Pondicherry include surfing and scuba diving.

Other Short Trips

Nandi Hills has always been a local favourite, a result of many impromptu decisions. With a self drive car, one can just leave the dust of the city for a moment and enjoy the scenic climb up to the peaks of these hills.

A visit to Devanahalli is recommended before the charm of the old village becomes a thing of the past. Amidst the rather dramatic development works around it, the old temples and tanks are a reminder of the heritage of Karnataka. At just 40 kms from the city, the drive here is completely worth it.

Zoomcar is one of the popular choices for hiring a self drive car in Bangalore. Car booking is an easy online process and cashless payment makes for a hassle-free experience. Many choose car rentals for long trips because of the privacy it offers. Assurances like 24/7 on-road support add a layer of security to the trip, great for an all-girl group or solo travellers.

From short day escapades to memorable weekend trips and more, rented cars are making life easier for a lot of Bangalore residents, offering all the assurances and freedom of self-drive, at an affordable cost.