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Details of the Weekend Drag Race

December 10, 2011 goaonwheels 0

30 Seconds to start…… Helmets on, seatbelts fastened, windows rolled up……… Engine revving at 2500RPM..… Countdown begins, 3……. 2……. 1.. GO! Pop the clutch and pedal to the floor. All you can hear is tyres […]

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5 Days to go for DRAG RACE 2011

August 11, 2011 goaonwheels 0

Hello friends, only 5 days are remaining for the Drag Race 2011 on 14th AUGUST 2011. Entries will be closed on 12th August 2011 There will be NO SPOT ENTREES FOR THER EVENT. All the […]

Auto Events

Drag race in Goa on the 14th August

July 31, 2011 goaonwheels 3

TEAM GOA RALLYING is hosting a DRAG RACE on Sunday, August 14 • 9:00am – 6:00pm at verna industrial estate This event will be held in 6 different categories. The CATEGORIES are