Tata gearing to launch Nano CNG

Tata Motors showcased the Nano CNG at the Auto Expo. Based on the same Nano Platform the CNG variant will come with an additional CNG kit with current sequential gas injection system with the ECU being calibrated to switch between CNG and petrol fuel systems.

The car could launch by mid 2012 or during the festive season.

To prevent future fire accidents Tata Motors have also provided an automatic cut-off CNG supply even in the case of diminutive leakages and automatic fuel quality checks. With a full tank one can travel a distance of more than 150 km. The Nano CNG is equipped with a 35 litres of CNG capacity.

Nano CNG Vehicle Highlights

  • India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car with an ARAI certified mileage of 25.4KMPL (Petrol) and lowest CO2 emissions of 92.7 gm/km
  • Bi-fuel vehicle switchable to CNG with best-in class CNG mileage
  • Sequential gas injection system with calibrated EMS system for smart switching between CNG and gasoline fuel systems
  • Software controlled CNG circuit which ensures CNG cut off even in case of diminutive leakages
  • Intelligently packaged CNG kit components do not compromise luggage space
  • Robust and reliable CNG components sourced from world class suppliers

The Nano CNG could be launched by middle of this year or during the festive season. With current rise in petrol prices the CNG system certainly makes logic. The Nano CNG will be launched in cities like NCR: Delhi, Noida & Gurgoan, Mumbai and Gujarat. The company will certainly charge a premium for around 20-25 thousand over the current Nano.