Tata launches 5 new products in Sri Lanka

Tata Motors marked the Golden Jubilee of Tata Motors’ international business which began with Sri Lanka in 1961 in association with Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), the company’s distributor.

To celebrate this, Tata Motors launched 5 new products in Sri Lanka: Divo luxury coach, semi low-floor air-conditioned Tata Marcopolo bus, Tata Prima LPS 4928 Tata LPT 1618 truck and Tata Super Ace.

Official Press release

Tata Motors today introduced five new commercial vehicles – the Tata Divo luxury coaches and semi low-floor air-conditioned Tata Marcopolo buses for passenger transportation and, for cargo movement, the Tata Prima LPS 4928 tractor-trailor, Tata LPT 1618 truck and the Tata Super Ace, a high-end variant from the Tata Ace family in Sri Lanka.

Tata Divo Coach : The brand new luxury AC Coach from the house of Tata is meant for comfortable intercity passenger transportation and tourist operations The Tata Divo styling comes from Hispano Corracera of Spain, a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Motors. The Divo Coach is BS III compliant, with a 285 HP Cummins engine. The standard variant seats 45 and can be customised as per passenger and operator requirement. A generous saloon space with a high roof and high legroom, along with large windows and low noise levels, make this luxury coach a perfect choice for long journeys.

With luxurious and comfortable interiors and exclusive external styling, the Tata Divo offers better performance through breakthrough technology. Designed specifically for long-distance travel, the bus comes with superior features like the advanced instrument cluster with on-board diagnostics, exterior rear-view mirrors to give large angle vision and eliminate front-end blind spots, 4-spoke steering wheel with adjustable positions, pneumatic & mechanically suspended seat to ensure driver comfort, Hydraulic parallel opening baggage flaps for better and convenient access to luggage, world-class entertainment system from Carbon, reversing camera, destination board, refrigerator and mobile charging points as optional items.

Tata Semi-low Floor RE bus on LPO 1618 : The Starbus Semi Low Floor (SLF) on LPO 1618 is the latest offering from Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd (TMML), a joint venture between Tata Motors & Marcopolo, the Brazil based global leaders in body building for buses & Coaches. This Semi Low Floor bus offers several advantages that make it the right choice for Intracity public transport & BRTS. The driveline for this bus has a 180 HP powerful Cummins BS III Engine & Allisson Automatic Transmission to meet the stringent demands of public transport duty cycle.

Semi Low Floor design has a two step entry, making it convenient for the elderly & the children to board & alight from the bus. It also comes with other passenger friendly features like an electronic destination display board, specially designed anti vandalism urban seats with integrated grab handles, wider gangway & better space for standee passengers during crush loads. Starbus SLF stands out for its bright spacious interiors, comfortable seating, ample standee space & a contemporary modern looking design complimented by a aesthetically superior face & body design. Truly a bus providing a boost to public transportation.

Tata Prima LPS 4928 : Prima is the newest and technologically contemporary offering in the heavy commercial vehicles range from Tata Motors. LPS 4928 is one of the offerings from the Tata Prima range that includes prime movers and tippers.

Tata Prima LPS 4928 is a 49-tonne 280 HP (Cummins ISBE engine) tractor with a 9-speed ZF transmission, and a matching trailer with new generation brakes, ABS and specialised axles for heavy duty and high speed application. The Prima LPS 4928 tractor-trailer is ideal for carrying freight, like steel, cement, and containers.

The tractor’s spacious air-conditioned cabin includes reclining seats, adjustable steering wheels, arm rests for driver comfort. It has got sleepers to facilitate long-distance travel. These features are designed to induce longer and more trips. Global Positioning System for vehicle tracking is also available. The driving comforts enable the vehicle to operate non-stop for long hours and cover over 700 kms each day thereby offering faster turnaround. Equipped with strong aggregates like robust chassis frame and suspension, the Tata Prima LPS 4928 can overcome any terrain. In a nutshell, Tata Prima LPS 4928 enhances productivity and increases profitability for its owners.

Tata LPT 1618 truck : Another profitable product from the Tata Motor’s stable, Tata LPT 1618 is a 16-tonne 132-KW (Tata Cummins Engine) cargo truck with 5200 wheelbase especially made for container application. A chassis depth of 285 mm (max) and a clutch diameter of 380 mm, ensures better life of clutch, makes it extra strong, highly reliable and decreases maintenance cost in the long run. Clear head lamps add to the safety factor while plying on higher altitudes and driving at night. Stylized and aesthetically designed decals improve the look and feel of the vehicle.


The aerodynamic cabin is designed using finite analysis method which offers lesser resistance which leads to better fuel economy. The efficient grill design ensures optimum air flow to the engine leading to best thermal efficiency. Tilt cabin ensures that the aggregates on the engine and chassis frame are easily accessible. Optimum steering diameter and ergonomically positioned pedals ensure maximum driver comfort and ease of driving.

In totality, this vehicle offers higher productivity, superior fuel economy, low repair and maintenance cost.

Tata Super Ace : The Tata Super Ace is a powerful, fuel efficient, ultra stylish 1 tonne truck with an optimum power of 70 HP power & a high torque of 135 NM to offer customers best-in-class fuel efficiency & low operating economics. With a top speed of 125 kmph (laden), it ensures a zippy smooth drive, quicker deliveries & faster turnaround time.

The vehicle has a proven & reliable four cylinder, Tata 475 IDI turbo charged intercooled diesel engine. With one of the longest loading decks (2.63 m) in its class combined with full 1000 Kg payload, It offers a perfect solution for voluminous loads. The Tata Super Ace also offers superior comfort for the driver & the co-driver with an air-conditioned cabin, power windows, power steering, adjustable & reclining bucket seats, a fully functional dashboard with lockable glovebox mobile charger and roomy car like interiors. Vehicle dimensions (in mm) are: LXWXH = 4340 X 1565 X 1858

The Tata Super ACE will now enable drivers/owners to increase the number of trips because of more comfort & higher speeds, to provide better earnings and faster growth, thus keeping in pace with their growing business needs.