Tata Nano Diesel to shown at 2012 Auto Expo

The much rumoured 40 kmpl Tata Nano diesel may make its debut at the upcoming Auto Expo. There hasn’t been any official announcement as yet, and neither have any sure shot test mules been spotted. However, it is sure that Tata is working on a diesel avatar for the Nano, as the sales of the petrol variant have been just satisfactory.

The mini car, proposed to shift the masses away from two wheelers and upgrade to a car, hasn’t really hit it off yet. The diesel Nano now targets the aspect which influences Indian buyers the most – mileage!  It is believed that the diesel variant of the Nano will deliver 40 Kms to a litre!

If you do a little math, it turns out that that the cost of running of the diesel Nano will be less than a rupee per litre, keeping in mind the current fuel prices. Some reports say that the Nano will be powered by the same 700cc block that powers the Ace mini truck, whereas it is also rumoured that a new cylinder DiCOR motor is being developed for it.

Since nothing is official as yet, the fate of the diesel Nano totally depends on how Tata prices it for the Indian market.

Tata has recently launched the new updated Nano, tagged as the Nano 2012. The new Nano now gets upgraded features, new plusher interiors and many tweaks which make the Nano safer and an impressive 25.4 kmpl fuel efficiency.

The Tata Nano is priced (ex-showroom, Delhi), at Rs.1.40 lakhs for the Nano Standard, Rs.1.70 lakhs for the Nano CX and Rs.1.96 lakhs for the Nano LX. However the diesel Nano is expected to start from 1.75 Lakh rupees, while the top of line may cross the 2.5 Lakh rupee mark.

Tata certainly needs the diesel to meet its 10,000 plus sales target.