Tata’s new LCV caught testing in Goa

Tata’s new LCV which will replace the old, tried and tested series was caught testing in Goa by our avid reader Eshan Bhamaikar. The new series wil be strapped with DICOR engines (common rail technology) and will be BS4 complaint which will help Tata Motors to introduce them in cities where BS4 norms are strictly followed.

The truck was caught testing in Bambolim, and we assume it will be undergoing the routine testing check which is performed by the company in all terrains and climatic conditions to find minor glitches before the product is officially launched in the market.

Some of the highlights of the new LCV & ICV range

The Tata Ultra LCV & ICV range will comprise a series of variants from 5 to 14 tonnes. The range will be powered by new generation 3L (138 HP) and 5L (168 HP) common rail (DiCOR) 16-valve engines, offering higher aggregate life, longer service intervals and low NVH.

The sleek and elegant walk-through steel cabin, a dash-mounted cable shift gear and hydraulic cabin tilt mechanism make the driver at home. Ergonomically designed mechanically suspended seats with integral headrest, power steering, which is tiltable, telescopic and collapsible, and clear-lens headlamps will make long drives stress-free in all weather conditions. The instrument cluster — showing live and trip mileage, clutch and brake wear indicator, seat and door ajar warning, water-in-fuel indicator, economy assistance — permits continuous vehicle monitoring in drive.

The Ultra’s high strength Domex 650 steel rolled chassis frame with high tensile strength and straight long member construction allows the platform the flexibility of multiple wheel bases at multiple payload points. Radial tyres, parabolic leaf springs, tuned shock absorbers and, for the first time in the category, disc brakes ensure safe transit of goods.