How Technology Could Help More Disabled Drivers Than Ever Before to Hit the Roads

There are plenty of disabled people on our roads. Whether they’re driving around in a wheelchair accessible vehicle from a company like Allied Mobility or have hand controls fitted to the newest supercar, they’re able to get out and about despite their handicap, and enjoy the freedom of climbing behind the wheel and being able to get around just like everybody else.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. There are some disabilities that simply can’t be overcome, at least not in the respect of driving. They bar people who would love to drive from being able to do so – or have done, until now. If you’ve never heard of self-driving vehicles, or considered their possibilities before, let’s take a look at what they could really mean for the less physically able.

What are Self-Driving Cars? 

Self-driving cars are exactly what they say on the tin: they allow the driver to sit back whilst the vehicle does all of the hard work for them. Aimed at the general market, they’re smart, efficient, and take the onus for controlling the car out of the hands of whoever is behind the wheel.

A lot has been made of the difference they could make to automotive safety, but not so much about what they could mean for those who are barred from driving on physical grounds. But take a second to think about it.

They will represent a vehicle that anyone can drive: motoring fanatics, those with mobility issues, teenagers, and OAPs alike. For those who are unable to get a driving licence, they could truly be transformative.

Who Will They Help?

So who, exactly, will they help? Consider those who are barred from driving on the grounds of epilepsy or visual impairment. As it stands, they have to do everything without the assistance of a car, from their shopping to the school run to visiting friends who live in another city.

This will not just be a case of convenience either. A lot of the people who fall into these groups find it hard to secure employment because of travel issues, and are barred from doing jobs that they would have a real affinity for. With the advent of self-driving vehicles, however, no longer would a lack of transport stand in their way.

With the potential to be truly life-changing, self-driving vehicles are something that we should all be getting excited about. Whether we’re licenced to get behind a wheel or not, there are many who are not so fortunate, but the future could change all of that. The future could create equal opportunities for us all, not just in the way the law currently does, but to a much greater extent. Now isn’t that worth celebrating?