Thai Honda releases Brio sedan image+Video, while India waits

  • Honda Brio sedan rear image and Video released
  • India launch in April 2013
  • Honda Brio sedan to be launched initially in petrol and Diesel launch will follow soon

Honda Thailand has released a new teaser of the upcoming Honda Brio Sedan 1.2 litre, codenamed the 2TP on the company website. The image reveals how the sedan will look rear three quarter angle of the car. A few days back the company had also released another teaser image.The car looks more proportionate than the current options in the Indian market and the boot seems integrated evenly as compared to some competition where it looks quite odd.

The large tail lamp does remind one of new Maruti Suzuki Dzire which will be the bench mark for features and prices. The car also gets a chrome strip at the rear to give it an elegant look. Overall the design seems fine and we can expect the car to make big splash when launched.

Brio Sedan teaser

The Brio sedan will be powered by a 1.2 petrol engine which also does the duty on Brio & Jazz hatch and we can expect the 90 or slightly higher tune for the sedan to compensate for the weight and provide a zippy drive. Honda will introduce its diesel technology in the Indian market first on the Brio sedan and the launch could follow in a couple of months after introducing the petrol variant.

The new diesel engine will be based on the 1.8 litre ‘Earth Dreams’ diesel engine, but will resized to 1.5 to offer maximum efficiency.

The Brio sedan will measure less than four metres and will be based on same Honda technology. Honda will certainly strap an auto box on the Brio sedan which features 7 positions to change the shift position in accordance with the driving needs. (Read more about  Honda Brio Automatic)

The biggest question: What will the new sedan called? Brio with some suffix or a completely new name plate?

The question will be unfolded soon as the sedan will be launched in the Thai market in just a couple of week’s time.