Toyota to launch limited edition of Etios series with EMR kits

Toyota plans to launch limited edition of the Etios and Etios Liva in the Indian market. Toyota is currently organising exciting Motorsport Activities to Popularize Etios Motor Racing at various dealers across India.

Apart from the EMR concept cars on display, there is a host of motorsport based activities for all age groups visiting the dealership. Racing simulators, remote controlled cars on race tracks, children’s automotive learning area, and other relevant contests and activities.

When asked a senior official at the dealership whether EMR editions will be launched, the reply said: Currently Toyota is trying to promote Etios series and may consider launching Etios Motor Racing edition cars in future.

However the limited editions cars will boast only the paint and sticker job with sporty interiors. The cars will not be re-tuned or be fitted with roll cage and sports seats found the Etios Motor Racing editions cars.

The new attempt will help to further boost the image of the Etios series in the Indian market.

EMR Trophy series that is slated to be held in the second half of 2013 will be based on a one-make racing championship platform. The cars will be FIA qualified with racing parts supplied by TRD, and their technical expertise will be utilized throughout the series. Toyota has partnered with Red Rooster Racing for tuning the cars to make them race worthy and come with remapped engine and a roll cage for safety.