Traffic signals to take duty of managing traffic at Verna Industrial Estate & Birla Junction


Confusion and traffic chaos prevails at almost each and every junction in Goa. The rapid increase in vehicles leads to long traffic jams as commuters try to reach their destinations at the earliest, while most of the busy junctions are managed by cops who are posted during peak hours only, while the rest of the day they are at the mercy of the traffic and risk of being hit by high speed traffic movement.

This has been the fate of the two Junctions at Verna, which have been a death trap for commuters for quite a while now. In a local newspaper an article has been published stating that traffic signals would soon come up at both the junctions soon and we at went to check out the scenario.

Traffic JAMS common at Titan Junction and Verna Circle.


The situation at Titan which is a T junction turns bad during peak hours as traffic enters and exits the Verna IDC has been faced with several accidents and fatalities in the past. Similarly Birla Junction which has roads coming from NH17 and connects to Verna and Verna IDC via Chikitsa hospital and Vasco on NH17B has become death traps for road users.

While Cops are posted at both junctions, they have been proved inefficient in controlling traffic as people are eager to reach their destination on time, looking at the situation of the traffic, the Verna Industries Association has finally managed to get a sponsor for setting up Electronic Traffic signals at both junctions in a bid to streamline traffic and curb rising accidents. The cost of setting up and maintenance of traffic signals, the cost of the traffic signals is Rs 18 lakhs.


The good news however is the traffic signals have already been set up and synchronizing of the signal timing based on vehicle count will be done soon and the signals would come to life by the last week of November.

We hope the signals are inaugurated soon and traffic comes in order soon.

We urge all Goans to kindly follow the Traffic rules to prevent mishaps and please donot break traffic signals.