TVS Apache RTR ABS videos

TVS launched the Apache RTR 180 ABS version a few months back.

Some details of the ABS Verison

* Weight: 1.2 kg

* Two small discs mounted onto both wheels of the motorcycle with the brake disc.

* Each disc connected to two non magnetic sensors

* HECU (Hydraulic and Electronic Control Unit), mounted behind engine. Receives pulses from sensors every 1 millisecond to monitor wheel speed.

* Pump housed in HECU which regulates oil pressure acting on callipers acting on both ends.

When there is a sudden drop in the wheel speed during braking, HECU regulates brake pressure through its digital valves to avoid wheel lock-up. The information is given to the control unit from the signals of the front wheel. Now the best part is that you can control this beast by just by a push button on dashboard.LED on the dashboard tells the biker when he is backed up by the ABS or not.

Check out some cool TVS Apache RTR ABS videos.

Info source: Manish Sharma