VintaCLICK!! Vintage Bike & Car photography contest


Shutterbugs, here is your chance to get your photograph featured on During the one day Vintage Bike and Car Rally 2016, the first of its kind being organized by Goa Tourism in Goa we are organizing a photography contest.

Interested Shutterbugs are requested to send one best picture clicked by them along with the following details – name, address, contact number, email id to The photograph has to be clicked during Vintage Bike and Car Rally 2016.

The picture has to be in original form and should not be photo-shopped or use any filters for any enhancement.

One can also give a title or a caption for the image.

We will post the picture on the website. The picture will be judged on creativity and its popularity on facebook and other social media.


The contest entries will be open from 2nd October to 4th October.

The contest pictures will be posted on the website on 5th October.

The contest for sharing on social media and liking by fans, friends will be open till 8th of October.


Results will be announced on 10th of October.

2 best entries will get a surprise gift.

Rules & Regulations

  • Each participant can send only 1 image
  • Images sent should be saved with the name of the Owner and contact number – example – Rohit 85823 36699
  • Images should be in JPEG format only
  • Email sent to should have the following subject – VintaCLICK
  • Image attached size should not be higher than 500 Kb
  • No age bar – Open to everyone who can click a picture
  • The picture has to be in original form and should not be photoshopped or use any filters for any enhancement
  • com & team will not be responsible incase there is any theft of image. Eg. If Mr. A has sent an image and we have posted the same giving credit to A, and in future we get a complaint saying Mr. B own the real rights to the image then upon getting proof the Entry will be disqualified or assigned to Mr. B
  • Entries which are reported to violate any copyright will be dismissed
  • Copyright – will hold the copyright for the images and can be re-produced for some other post upon acknowledgement to photographer