Vintage bikes & Mopeds displayed at 107th Dindi festival in Goa

Dindi festival is dedicated to Lord Shree completes 107 years of celebrations in Goa.

Past meets present with Vintage bikes & Mopeds.

The people of Margao celebrated the traditional Dindi festival on the 13th of November.  The people of Goa did face some problems due to the demonetisation, but that did not keep the spirits low and the annual festival was celebrated with full energy and pomp.

This year also saw a special Vintage bikes & Mopeds display at the main event close to the temple. For the first time it was decided by Mohandas Borker the new market president of YUVA MADGAO to have a Vintage & classic bike display.  About 10 bikes & moped from the early fifties & sixties mostly German and British make were on display.

The small vintage bike and moped show was organised by Lenin Ferrao displaying some rare mopeds and motorbikes.

The following models were on display such as the 1958 Zundapp 2 speed 49cc moped, 1955 NSU Quickly T, 1950 BSA Bantam D1, 1960 RAP Imperial, 1960 Magneet 3 speed, 1960 BSA Bantam D1, 1961 Florett, 1985 KGP 49cc moped  and many more.

The TWO MAGNEET bikes one was a step thru kickstart model and the other was a pedal start model, quite rare indeed.

Dindi festival of Margoa

The palanquin or plaki we call it in our local language, of Lord Vitthal and Rakhumayee leaves from the Hari Mandir in the evening; which then goes around the town while stopping at all temples and return to the Hari Mandir at dawn. After the Gopal Kalo at dawn, the Dindi celebrations end.

The Dindi festival is dedicated to Lord Shree Vithal Rakhumayee and has been organised at Hari Mandir in Margao as early as 1909. The festival is celebrated on the auspicious day of ‘Kartiki Ekadashi’ and the programs are on the lines of the mohotsavs held in Pandharpur, Maharashtra.

For Margao, the festival is the most-awaited after Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, and has now become an integral part of the culture of the town.

On Dindi night, tens of thousands of people from across Goa flock to Margao and enjoy the programs at the temples.

Stalls of various products, like khajje, chaney bhikana, clothes, toys and ice cream were set up on Abade Faria road and were patronised by many people.

The celebrations end with a fireworks show at the Margao center. While the it becomes early morning when the palanquin of the Hari Mandir meets at the Vitthal Mandir in Comba, which is followed by bhajans and prasad.

Vintage bikes & Mopeds