VW ponders Polo based diesel ‘hot hatch’, launch in 2013

How often have you wondered of owning a hot hatch? I’d say a million times. A million times of driving on the highway shaking up the slouches or twisting hard and braking late on the back roads. Let’s be honest for a second, all that small cars we love to stand back on the pavements and watch or admire when it goes by have an engine calibrated for being frugal while summoned with a little performance.

It’s the way our industry goes as the fuel prices getting mounted up higher day-by-day and we opt for diesels to cut down our money spending a little bit. While the turbo-diesel technologies were developed so high elsewhere so that it could cope with the petrols in performance, the prospect of ‘hot hatch’ is a far cry in our homeland.

Though we can’t go as far as the likes of Renault’s Megane, Twingo or VW Golf or Vauxhall Astra or Citroen DS3. Volkswagen casting an eye on a diesel ‘hot’ hatch to spice up the proceedings here. It comes with the Polo, that has already been established itself in its own rights. The performance oriented yet frugal Polo will be available to us within the opening half of 2013.

In Polo was where VW premiered its BlueMotion technology with some astonishing reduction in CO2 emission. But stuffing more science proven to be expensive in many ways for our state of automobile affairs. The three pot diesel we do have wasn’t that exciting to say the least.

Expect the version to be pricier though as the excise duties play by rules for the big 1.6-litre turbo engine. Bear in mind that this motor is no stranger to our market as it could also be found on Rapid and Vento that shares the same platform with the low-profiled Polo. Polo is already eulogised for its handling agility but to have a go with 105 bhp could tell a different story above all.

The 1.6-litre GTD straight-4 16-valve engine boasted Polo could be upped on its sportier stance with some meaner additions to the body kit.  The first ever diesel hot hatch edition will become a success I reckon as it would grab more petrolheads into the block. Hopefully expecting a Fabia in this zone as well if its Sibling can turn heads around to a new level.