What is MotorGraphy?

What is MotorGraphy?

It our new section on Goa on Wheels (www.goaonwheels.com) where the shutterbugs who love cars or bikes or any automobiles can display their talent and love for them…

But why here?? This is the best platform to showcase your talent, which will be viewed by thousands visiting Goa on Wheels (www.goaonwheels.com). Just click creatively and post us some selected entries.

You may never know when you talent could give you an opportunity, which could result in a photo shoot or some other break in your new photography career.

We are not making some stringent rules but a few guidelines which need to be followed:

The photos need to be to yours and original. Photos taken by someone else or just picked from website will not be posted. It has to be your talent. (Just our suggestion: We would appreciate if the photos/pics/images have some content or subject and are just not random pics.)

The themes under MotoGraphy

Fresh: Pics of latest cars/bikes (or any automobiles) launched in the market.

Power: Pics of fast and Exotic cars/bikes (or any automobiles). Photos of Super bikes and super/hyper cars would be ideal.

Vintage: Pics of vintage and Classics cars/bikes (or any automobiles).

Unique/Modified: Pics of modified cars/bikes (or any automobiles) having a new or different sticker job then that offered on stock vehicles. Pics of cars/bikes (or any automobiles) which have a unique paint scheme or colours which are rare. Eg: Yellow Swift, Green Jazz etc.

Random: Pics of cars/bikes (or any automobiles) taken randomly, in different angles etc

Rustic: This section is for cars/bikes (or any automobiles) taken creatively especially those lying in garages or rusting in some corners.

Sketches: This section is to those who love sketch cars/bikes (or any automobiles) can submit their drawing under this category. Even drawings done in solid modelling will be accepted.

So how to send it to us?

Just mail us your photos at goaonwheels@gmail.com. Please do mention your details like name, email, contact number, place of photography and date when the pics were clicked (camera details are voluntary).

5 photos from any of the categories will be chosen and will be featured in a single post on the home page. The photos will be chosen by a panel that are from the field of photography and those who love cars and bikes.