Wrapping the new paint in town. But what exactly is it?


PRIME WRAPS explains the concept of wrapping and how it can be more than just beauty to eyes.

Bored of seeing your vehicle with the same standard color. Want to make your car or bike standout in the crowd. So how do you do it?

Paint it, accessorize it or do a bit of cosmetic modification. Painting is usually a long and expensive affair and may not give you the expected results.

So is there anything else that can help today? Yes certainly, WRAPPING!!

So what exactly is Wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping assures one the flexibility of changing the appearance of her/his car or bike while protecting the original finish. With a wide variety of solid wrap film colors, printable options and finishes, the personalization alternatives for one’s personal vehicle as well as business fleet are literally endless.

Wrapping is a much faster job as compared to painting and gives you an equivalent finish add sheen. Depending on quality of wrap chosen, it can last from 4 years to 7 years or even more depending on the care taken and quality selected.

Today one can easily change the look of the vehicle simply by using vehicle wraps and protect the original metallic paint using Paint Protection Films (PPF) from minor scratches, yellowing and fading.

PRIME WRAPS has set-up best in class workshops to offer the best wrap and paint protection.



PRIME WRAPS, a Goa based service employs highly trained professionals providing Vehicle Wrapping service along with PAINT PROTECTION FILMS (PPF).

PPF’s are transparent films, which go over the body of the car/ bike protecting the same from scratches, stains, etc. You can choose an entire car wrap or certain areas like the bumpers, doors roof, etc.

PRIME WRAPS offers a wide range of unique car wraps and PPF (paint protection films) from brands like 3M, HEXIS and AVERY DENNISON which are the best in the business.


Where can I find PRIME WRAPS?

PRIME WRAPS has 2 workshops for the services, one in Parra (near Emerald lawns) and the second one in Taliegao (near Skoda showroom) to ensure customers avail best after sales services without travelling any extra mile. Call 9112386974 (Taliegao) and 9112386599 (Parra) for more details.

Warranty, inspection & Maintenance on Wrapping, a first by any dealer


PRIME WRAPS offers 2 years of warranty on the vehicle wraps.

They also offer after sales wrap service s such as inspection or maintenance like no other dealers in Goa.

If one needs an unique design to be implemented on their vehicle, one car share her/his ideas and thoughts and our trained in-house designers at PRIME WRAPS will work on the improvisation of same.

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