Fiat launches new versions of Punto

Fiat will be officially launching two new versions of the 1.2 litre Grande Punto soon.

With Ford launching the Figo in a aggressive price bracket and Volkswagen’s Polo, Fiat will be launching 2 new version with the 1.2 litre engine.

Fiat initially had launched only one version of the Grande Punto with 1.2 litre engine.  Wit the growing completion and comparatively low sales of Grande Punto Fiat wil be launching the the new versions.

The two variants are 1.2 dynamic petrol & 1.2 emotion petrol.

The new lineup will now look like

1.2 Petrol Engine 1.4 Petrol Engine 1.3 Diesel Engine
1.2 petrol Active 1.4 petrol Emotion 1.3 diesel Active
1.2 petrol Dynamic 1.4 petrol Emotion Pack 1.3 diesel Dynamic
1.2 petrol Emotion 1.3 diesel Emotion
1.3 diesel Emotion Pack

The Grande Punto will also get a small upgrade as the engines will now be upgraded to BSIV.

For more details keep tuning.