Buying Total Engine Oil: Which One To Choose?

Engine oil keeps the engine running smoothly by ensuring lubrication between the moving parts. Engine oil helps reduce heat build-up within the engine, keeps it clean, protects the internal parts from corrosion and also helps improve fuel efficiency.

There are many choices when it comes to picking the appropriate oil for your car or motorcycle which can be classified into 3 types viz. mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil & Fully synthetic engine oil.

Mineral Engine Oil

Petroleum oils which have been treated to perform over a broad temperature spectrum are mineral oils. Mineral engine oil is one of the most commonly used oil in 2 wheelers. This oil supports general commuting conditions and need to be changed every 3000kms.

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Mineral oils which have been mixed with synthetic oils to boost engine performance. These oils are mainly used in cars and high cc motorcycles.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fully Synthetic engine Oils are made by engineering Mineral Oils at a molecular level and provide better engine performance and protection than conventional and synthetic blend motor oils.

Fully Synthetic Oils are used in challenging conditions, such as Motorsports and extreme climatic conditions.

Total lubricants offer a wide range of synthetic engine oils & lubricants that boost your vehicle’s engine life and provides superior engine protection.

Few advantages of synthetic oil over mineral oil

  1. Wear Protection – Synthetic oils have fewer impurities and is more resistant to sludge formation, which keeps the engine cleaner, operates more efficiently and lasts longer than the conventional oil.
  2. Longer oil change intervals – Synthetic oils provide a longer oil change interval than the conventional oil which again depend upon the brand of motor oil and several other factors, such as driving style and driving conditions.
  3. Commendable performance at any temperatures – Synthetic oils offer good performance at high temperatures and protect the engine from wearing out. While at low temperatures they provide excellent flow.
  4. Better engine life – Synthetic oils ensure lesser engine wear, better conditioning, and immense ability to handle abuse. This eventually secures better engine life.

Synthetic oils are generally more expensive than mineral oils but prove highly efficient under diverse conditions. If you are looking for optimum performance, you should choose from the range of Total engine oils as per your usage needs.