Mercedes Benz eyeing Goa’s first off-road track

Mercedes Benz and its Goan dealer Alcon Mercedes, is planning to setup Goa’s first off-road track. Well is some music to petrol heads especially those who love the off roads and SUV owners. “Goa, if not the fastest, is among the fastest growing two tier states in India, and hence we decided to make it our hub,’ said the newly appointed managing director and CEO Mercedes Benz India Mr Peter T Honegg. Goa is a trend setter in the luxury car market, with the company yearly sales around 250 to 300 Mercedes cars, and we are looking at 35 per cent yearly increase, he said.

Mercedes-Benz is also planning a similar track in Pune. Goa may be one of the smallest states in India but when it comes to cars Goa ranks equally high compared to other major cities in India.

A rich collection of vintage cars and now many petrol heads buying super cars. Ferrari, Porsches, Lamborghini’s , Hummer  etc all cruise on the Goan roads..