Tata’s new Safari in 2011, to go global

Tata Motors is reading its all new Safari and plans to launch in 2011. The Safari will also be positioned as a global model catering to different geographies, including Europe. The sports utility vehicle (SUV), expected to be launched early next year, will comply with EuroNCAP safety crash norms. EuroNCAP is a voluntary vehicle safety rating system widely accepted in the European Union .

The new Safari will have features such as traction control with vehicle stability system equipped with multi-airbag in a new aerodynamic body. The new vehicle may still lack a monocoque chassis which is a standard norm for any modern SUVs. We can expect a lot of features borrowed from the Aria.  Permanent all wheel drive, 6 air bags, ESP, cruise control and better handling.

The current step-ladder frame chassis is more compatible for rugged operations in India and therefore the monocoque frame which is available in our new generation vehicles like Indica Vista and Indigo Manza will not be available on the new Safari but will have all the features to make it a first global vehicle from our portfolio ,” said Tata Motors utility vehicles head S G Saksena.

The new Safari will also borrow a host of technologies from Land Rover SUV. The company is looking at all possible synergies within the group for the new Safari and will not phase out the current model which would continue to complement the new vehicle very much like the Sumo does for its next generation Sumo Grande.