100% Carbon Fiber set of wheels

A Japanese company by the name of Weds Sport has come up with the first full carbon fiber wheel. They unveiled the wheels with what they call their Dry Carbon Wheel Project at the last Tokyo Auto Salon show.

One wheel weighs in at just 2.76kg, which works out to be 6.08475844 pounds. Interested in getting a set of these for your car? Expect to pay around $10,000-$12,000 (Rs.4,44,385 – 5,33,262)for the set. While it sounds expensive, you can easily spend $8,000+(Rs.3,55,508+) on custom three-piece forged wheels from a company like HRE.

Weds Sport’s also had on display a wheel with a carbon fiber face, It had a forged aluminum wheel surrounding with the sporty carbon fiber face. These set of wheels are probably a much cheaper solution, and quiet sexier compared to the full carbon fiber wheels from my point of view.

There is some concern about a wheel being 100% carbon fiber that I’ve seen from people online…especially considering the weight of the wheel. Is it strong enough to support a car normally driving, let alone at a race track? What about the cost of repairing the wheel if some part gets damaged? Does it need to get fully replaced??? or can it be fixed for a less cost?