2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class caught uncovered in Madrid

If you’re a Mercedes biased executive, you’ll have no issues with owning the current running E-Class but if not then you don’t bother getting one on your own. Some Merc fans criticize the underwhelming look of E-Class with few others like the way it just is, matter of opinion I suppose.

It’s been a while since we have had a brand new alternative. But it’s long been tipped that the forthcoming machine will be as contemporary while sticking with the trends. For much of our delight, the camouflaged version has been trundling around a few times and we knew deep down inside it’d instantly work out well.

A Spanish photographer said to have spotted the naked version from above his hotel room and mercifully he took a snap of it.  It’s thoroughly undergone treatments everywhere like expected, the front fascia is tweaked with a distinctively angled bumper sitting below a thick strip that houses a three pointed star in the middle, contrary to the flying-badge of present model.

Perhaps the biggest of changes  to the E-Class is the black-embossed headlights, when the ongoing car arrived Merc fitted it with a squarer lamps parted so as to look alike the older generation model, but now it’s single shaped with a very curvy LED daytime running lights being used eminently resembling the C-class.

In the taken picture, front fender guises a V8 BiTurbo badge which brings onto the speculation that whether it’s an AMG twin-turbo 5.5-litre V-8–powered version or a top-range turned up model. The sides though are very straight along with revamped rear bumper and minimum changes to the rear end itself. The red calipers and bespoke wheels reveal something of the mighty SLS.

AMG lived upto the promise of keeping it frugal amidst boosting up the horses. While the 6.2-litre was ditched for a turbo-breathing aforementioned engine, the power range topped to 550 hp for the AMG version. Can’t help but wonder what they would do this time around for this executive saloon. It may get unwrapped in next year’s Geneva show, but until then DREAM ON!