Audi mulls to assemble more cars, Q7 & Q3 to join Q5

Audi India to set up assembly line at Aurangabad for Q7 & Q3 SUVs to take on rivals BMW & Mercedes Benz in the growing Indian luxury car market.

Audi is driving fast in the Indian market. After launches premium cars which include the new A8 L, A6 and A7 sportback the, the German car maker will launch the new Q3 SUV in the Indian market and showcased it at the 2012 Auto Expo.

As per the latest news sources, Audi will assemble the luxury Q7 SUV along with the Q3 and Q5. In 2011 Audi had commenced the CKD assembly of the Q5 SUV. The new assembly line in Aurangabad will start producing Q7 and Q3 SUVs by the end of the year, ramping up Audi’s capacity to 8,000 units, according to senior executive.

“Q3 will be our bread and butter and the key product which will drive our growth in 2012,” said Micheal Perschke, head, Audi India. “We will bring in one game changing model every year for the next few years.”

The Q3 is likely to be priced in the 25-30 lakh range. It will challenge the dominance of BMW’s X1 and Mini Countryman and Mercedes’ B Class. The company is also considering bringing its smaller sedan, A3, creating a new entry level for itself.