Audi to launch 7models in Indian in 2012

Audi has upped its ante in the Indian luxe car market. The company has set a very ambitious target of being the number player by 2015.

Audi, the premium car brand of Volkswagen, will launch seven new models in India and add 10 dealers to its current network of 15 this year. Audi aims to sell 8,000 cars in India in 2012. The company has the new year beginning on a strong note selling 667 units in India during January compared to 480 units in the same month last year.

The new cars which will see the introduction in India are

A4 facelift


New TT coupe

S6 sport sedan

A8 L Security

A1 hatchback

Audi sold just over 5,500 cars in India in 2011, and targets sales of 8,000 cars in the current calendar year, in line with luxury car sales growth of around 50 per cent in the country.