Bardahl showcases products at Tata Carnival

The two day Tata Carnival event also saw the participation of Bardahl Auto additives & Car Care products. The event which took place for two days saw the participation of over 200 Tata & Fiat cars serviced at the camp. 

Bardahl Auto additives & Car Care products displayed a wide range of Auto Additives from Engine and Transmission Oil, Fuel systemmaintenance solutions, Fuel Additives, Fuel-Oil Additives, Carcare products, Ultra coat, Ultra shield,  Engine coating.

Mr. J S Sambrani, Distributor of Bardahl products for the state of Goa and Karnataka was present at the venue, who was engaged in sharing his knowledge and explaining the benefits of the various Products to the elite Tata & Fiat customers. Also present at the venue was Mr. Narayan Kamat, Manager Sales for Shree Enterprises the Distributor for Goa.

Bardahl Auto additives & Car Care products presented mementos to the customers who took time to know more about the products which will help boost their cars efficiency.

More about Bardahl Auto additives & Car Care products 

HOEC Bardahl India Ltd. brings you the world famous Bardahl Auto additives & Car Care products. HOEC Bardahl products are tested, proven & are penultimate in quality standards. Bardahl provides all Auto Maintenance solutions under one roof, from your Fuel average problems, engine power problems to cooling issues & vehicle body care, etc. Not without reasons major OEM’s in India have approved select HOEC Bardahl products which are race tested & proven effective under extreme conditions, the world over.

HOEC BARDAHL INDIA LTD (HBIL), the sole authorised distributor for Bardahl products in India, Nepal and SriLanka, is marketing the world famous “Bardahl” brand of auto additives from U.S.A. These products are very popular in the U.S.A, Canada, South America, Europe, and the Far East markets.

Bardahl Manufacturing Corp. USA, our principals, are acknowledged leaders in the field of additives and have a history of over 66 years of commitment to producing quality products which are sold in over 85 countries. These products are also a favourite in the motor racing field, the world over, where extreme performance levels are desired.