The Best Used Toyota’s on the Market

Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota is highly respected in the industry and seen as a special brand globally. This is because they are famed for developing innovative, stylish and green cars and they are paving the way for eco-friendly driving. The most notable example is the Prius, which was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid automobile, but they have a wide range of excellent cars to choose from and a type for every motorist.

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, you cannot go wrong with Toyota and any of the following would be excellent investments:

Toyota Verso

In terms of practicality and versatility, it is very difficult to beat the well-built Toyota Verso. This modern MPV is well-suited to a number of different motorist types, but particularly for large families thanks to the seven-seat capability, interior space and five-star Euro NCAP rating. The diesel models are a smarter choice than petrol with the 134 BHP 2.2 D-4 model being the pick of the bunch.

Toyota Avensis

Both the tourer and saloon Avensis models are terrific used cars because they are very practical and can be found for affordable prices from places like Shelbourne Motors. The Tourer is spacious inside and has an enormous boot, so families may prefer this type. The saloon, meanwhile, comes with a range of equipment as standard and has a five-star NCAP safety rating.

Toyota MR2 Roadster

Those in the market for a fun, attractive and eye-catching sports car for an affordable price should seriously consider the MR2 Roadster. This nippy roadster provides all the thrills of open-top motoring but without the price tag and the mid-engined layout allows for fantastic weight balance, so the steering is incredibly sharp and responsive which adds to the fun when driving.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is much more than a cute city car – it is also a practical, surprisingly spacious, safe and economical addition to the competitive market. It makes for a great used car because it can be so affordable yet remains very reliable and efficient even with the older models. The 1.3 T35dr is a great option because comes with decent kit and is capable of 50mpg.

Toyota is a special brand because they are pioneers in the auto industry and have a long history of developing practical, efficient and reliable automobiles. This also means that they make excellent used vehicles and any of the above would be terrific purchases when shopping in the used car market.