Bugatti Veyron in India

Bugatti as launched its Supercar Veyron in India. Exclusive Motors, which is sole distributor for Bentley and Lamborghini in India has been appointed official dealer. The car will cost Rs. 16 to 17.5 crore, depending on trim and local taxes, making it the most expensive car on sale in India.

Bugatti Veyron is available only in left hand drive.

With its 16-cylinder four-wheel drive, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 may well be the most sophisticated production vehicle of all times.

Boasting a maximum speed of more than 400 km per hour, the Veyron is unmatched in the super sports category. It offers a total of 1,001 HP, and its ample power reserves even at high speeds are the fabric of dreams for luxury-class limousines: for a constant speed of 250 km/h, the Veyron only needs 270-280 HP.

This means that the seven-gear clutch transmission works with a torque of up to 1,250 Newton meters. It takes the car only 2.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. The Bugatti 16.4 is masterfully manufactured in the new Atelier in Molsheim, Alsace.

Bugatti the Brand

The Bugatti legacy dates back to the year 1901, when the designs and constructions of Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean achieved a perfect synthesis of art and technology. In the 1920s, Ettore Bugatti’s cars were the embodiment of light construction and unmatched technical aestheticism.

Jean Bugatti’s bodywork designs had a lasting impact on the style of the 1930s. Prime examples of these two eras are the almost invincible racing car Typ 35 designed by Ettore Bugatti, and the vanguard super-sports two-seater Typ 57SC Atlantic by Jean Bugatti. Each of these surpassing automobiles embodies the genius of its creator.

Yet the history of this legendary brand and its two formative designers and engineers goes far beyond technology and art – it is also a history of automotive pioneering. This legacy lives on in the Veyron.