Buy a Mahindra Verito and save upto Rs 34,000/-

The Rainy season seems to be a good time to buy a new car. After Hyundai who is offering benefits on its cars, it is now the turn of Mahindra. Muktar Automobiles Pvt Ltd the Authorised dealer for Mahindra Cars in Goa is offering Savings upto Rs 34,000/- on its Verito car. It is a limited period offer and will end on 30th of June. That’s not it, if you happen to take a test drive and decide against buying the car then there is a free gift in the offering too.

The Verito might not win any beauty pageant nor will it impress your neighbours but it is a very potent car. Verito has a nice engine with good fuel efficeincy, good ride and handling combo, It is reliable and is better built than its Korean and Japanese rivals. It is very spacious and can carry 5 people in comfort. Verito might lose out on looks, interiors and desirability but it has its own strengths in practicality, robustness and Value for money.

Another positive of the Verito is that the car is readily available and you won’t have to wait for it. Some of you will be aware that the prices of diesel car are likely to increase thanks to the proposed excise duty hike. This Savings sweetens the deal even further and thus this could well be the best time to buy a Verito.

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