Equipoise: Free stlye Stunt biking group from Goa

Well we don’t need to explain it to you what is motorcycle stunting and how it began. We all also know how it got stated in India. All the Dhoom and the kind of scenario which followed after it also led to the spread of knowledge.

Even TV shows related to it are watched by a large populous now. It’s all over the globe and in almost all the corners of India, and Goa surely is not an exception. We guess there are a lot of stunt groups in the state. One such group we came across here is known as “Equipoise”.

When I asked them about the beginning they said “we are not sure as in when we actually woke up”, but they say that it was some were in 2007 that they got a bit of a sting by this stunting bee. But still, back then it was just fooling around.

No one was core, just some bunch from collage who liked bikes liked to play with them. It was more about having a laugh over the idiotic ways in which one would do the simplest tricks. They also associate them with the best two wheeler portals in India which we all might know, xBhp.com.

So while the knowledge and tricks and how to do stuff was coming in things kept moving in a way. But sometime around 2009 these guys couldn’t think of anything else in the spare time, and then they started making up more spare time to spend it more on one wheel then two.

By some time down the line with more time under the belt being spent on one wheel, most of the guys had had their share of broken bones and bruised skin. But they were so obsessed with it that couldn’t care about the worn out parts of their body. By now each member had mastered a trick and could go on with an extra bit of their own finishing touch.

But until 2009 the group had no name they were know in as a stunt crew. When I asked “why Equipoise?” a group member explained “we could have named our group like any other team but would have just a name like other names.

It would be clear by the kind of name we might have used and the kind of stuff we would do on bikes, but we were looking for that character in that name which would make sense in all respects of what we are doing and the closest relevance to the name.

We literally spent like days together with the dictionary internet and different books and a lot of the stuff that we learnt in the classrooms and outside to finally come up with a name that said it all. Hence we chose Equipoise”.

Equipoise gained a major recognition after they performed at the BITS campus in Goa during the annual festival “waves” in October 2010. And it real terms Equipoise had iced the cake as this was the first stunt show event in Goa and Equipoise was surely proud about that. Technically only 4 members of the group took part in the show, Vickram known more as Vicky, Gururaj known as Guru, Gauresh and Vibhav were the ones which made the crowd scream for more.

Vicky, is the guy who is known for his versatility. Name it and he shows it off. But is the master of donuts with almost all possible variations that could be done. Guru, is more of the quick learner kind of a guy, give him couple of days, hours to be more precise and he would be teaching how to master it.

He has mastered the variations of wheelies that he can perform flawlessly without a clue that he is the newest member. Gauresh known as HardRyder is the one who has mastered the art on the front wheel. The inclinations he can reach with the rear wheel in the air are to the next level. Vibhav is more known for his command over the chainsaw that he pulls with ease. Few pictures of the show are lined below.

Though some members have moved in a way to catch up with life to a regular social living, they still meet up over weekends to show case more of the new stuff they have learned and share some old memories. The group is active and can be contacted for more information about “how and what” kind of stuff that relates to both riding and stunting.

For more pics of the Equipoise performing click on this link: Equipoise