Fantastico Digital India- Get vehicle ownership details on SMS


You are walking on the road and suddenly a vehicle brakes hard and just misses to kill you, or in rains to have some fun goes fast and splashes water on you or simply is creating nuisance on the road either playing loud music or driving/riding rash. You wished if you could know the details of the person and hopefully lodge a complaint.

Well this is possible now in Goa, thanks to this fantastico service from Government.

You simply need to sms the vehicle number to 7738299899 in the format ‘’VAHAN space Vehicle no’’. For example – type VAHAN GA07A3344 in the text body space sms this to the number 7738299899.

Within just a few seconds about 60 to be precise you will get an SMS from DZ-VAHAAN with the following details


Owner:1 – MR. Name Surname (Mr Ameya Sawant)



RC/FC Expiry : 15 Oct 30

Finance – ICICI Bank PANAJI

MV Tax upto- 15 Oct 30 (One time)

Please note: The above details of the vehicle number and name of the person are not related and are used only to explain the process. Kindly donot try.

It was indeed quite surprising when I came to know about this service. I did some searching online and came to know this service has been launched back in 2011 and is already available in various states of India.

The good part of this service

  • It gives you the required information about the owner and details of the car
  • This is very useful to understand the name of the person incase he has parked in your parking slot (most likely visitors) and can be contactable incase you know whom they have come to visit, avoiding inconvenience to you
  • Quickly get details of the person incase he is driving rashly, or under the influence of alcohol


I am yet to understand how much would it cost to send an Service sms. The rates could differ from operator to operator in the range of Rs. 2 to 3.


The above service is a part of the government’s ‘m-governance’ project to provide information to all citizens of India ‘anytime anywhere’ through mobile technology which has been gaining a lot of importance in the last few years.

Digital India programme’s vision is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. I am sure one day we will definitely achieve this.

It will be great if Government launches more such digital services especially an app which will avoid one carrying original documents of the vehicle and the same can be produced on the app simply by using a password or some identification key.

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