Fiat reveals 2cyclinder Twin-Air engine

Fiat Powertrain Technologies will reveal a revolutionary two-cylinder Twin-Air engine at Geneva motor show.

The 900cc 8V Twin-Air engine, which can be tuned to produce between 64bhp and 104bhp, includes Fiat’s Multiair system combined with special fluid dynamics to maximise performance and efficiency, while also reducing size, weight and CO2 emissions. Two turbocharged and one naturally aspirated version will be offered.

Fiat has also minimised friction and improved thermo-dynamic efficiency to get the optimum performance from the Multiair system. Multiair is an electro-hydraulic valve management system that reduces fuel consumption by controlling air directly via the inlet valves without the use of the throttle.

The Twin-Air engine in 84bhp guise uses 15 per cent less fuel and has 25 per cent more power than a standard 1.2 8V engine, which returns 55mpg.

Next to a 45mpg 1.4 16V engine, Twin-Air uses 30 per cent less fuel and has similar power and performance figures. CO2 emissions in the Twin-Air engine are claimed to be less than 95g/km.The addition of a turbocharger means it produces more torque at lower revs than the two aforementioned engines.

The engine is also 23 per cent short lighter and 10 lighter than a four-cylinder engine of equal performance and medium displacement. Fiat says its size is also ideal to be used as in a petrol-electric hybrid system and can be mated to an energy recovery system, which stores energy usually lost under braking.

The 84bhp version of the engine will be made available in the Fiat 500 from July.

Source: Autocar UK