First-ever 2000 HP, 300 mph Supercar: Dagger GT

TranStar Racing Team will custom design and hand-build a street-legal, carbon fiber Dagger GT. This car is an uncompromised, unrestricted, exhibition race car designed to dazzle any onlooker, whether at a road course, NHRA drag strip or a top speed event like Bonneville – – or just cruising the beach.

Dagger GT, the world’s fastest, 2000 horsepower, 300 mph, mid-engine Supercar. Produced by Nelson Racing Engines, the monster car puts out an equally spine tingling 2,710Nm of torque which is paired with a TranStar/Mendeola 6-speed transmission.

The car uses high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel for the chassis while the outer body is covered in carbon fibre which brings weight down in the supercar. Handmade to prospective customer’s specification, they will have the option of a hard-core racing model, a street-legal comfortable-riding sport model, or a soft-riding, luxurious GT-X model.

Only 5 units will be constructed for 2011, while a further 10 is being planned for 2012.

The Cost of this luxury will be approximately US$ 450,000