GEARS – Goan Enthusiasts And RiderS

“GEARS is an initiative to bring the biking community in Goa together in a single setting. Whether you zip around town on a Honda Dio or travel at light speed on an imported Superbike, if you are Goan (or reside in Goa), you are a potential GEARhead!

Of course you may not ride but that shouldn’t stop you. If you have a passion for the two-wheeled breed, this group is made for people like you!

Once you join our group, you are officially a GEARhead and are most welcome to share your opinions, pictures and news about the machines we are all so crazy about.

We hope to organize rides and events in and around Goa on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly) that will help GEARheads from all over the state connect with each other and have a great time.

GEARS supports and advocates the use of riding gear, at the very least a Helmet. Yes, we all have our days when we decide to ditch the lid and flash our mugs all over town so people know who we are, but please make an effort to use your riding gear as often as you can. Remember, you are just doing yourself a huge favour.

Thanks for sticking around and reading till the end 🙂

Welcome to GEARS! Cheers

The first meet will be on this Sunday July 3rd. For more details visit our group:GEARS – Goan Enthusiasts And RiderS