Goa government slashes petrol prices by Rs 11

Petrol prices will be cheaper in Goa by a whopping Rs. 11 starting April 2nd.Thaks to the new BJP government which as stuck to its of reducing the Vat and passing the discount to the common man.

This will help in reducing the burden of high petrol prices which has been a concern for many.

The VAT on petrol would be almost abolished and there would a VAT at 0.1 per cent, just to keep a sale record.

Petrol for as cheap as Rs. 55 was one of the main promises the BJP government had made to the Goans.

Once the budget gets passed the Petrol prices will drop form Rs 66 to about Rs 55 for a litre. The reduction of petrol prices is expected to provide major relief to a large section of the Rs. 14 lakhs odd Population of Goa, which has one two-wheeler for every three resident citizens.

As of 2011, Goa had a 5.33 lakh two-wheelers registered in Goa.