Hero MotoCorp to phase out 3 NEW models

  • Hero MotoCorp to phase out the Impulse, Ignitor and Maestro
  • We believe its the technology in them and not the models
  • Hero’s new tech tie-ups

Hero has completed its first anniversary of its new identity, Hero MotoCorp and also entered the international market with the launch of twelve products in the Sri Lankan market. Hero has continued to be the number player and sales have only seen an upward trend post split with Honda.

In October the company launched India’s first transroader the Impulse and also launched three new products the Ignitor, Maestro and Passion X-Pro at the 2012 Auto expo. The Maestro and Ignitor was launched in March and June respectively.

At the recently held event According to Economic Times, the MD of Hero MotoCorp, Mr. Pawan Munjal , said the company wants an independent robust R&D set-up, for which it has stitched up a new technology agreement with a European design and technology provider — its third such partner since its split from Honda last year. He said going forward, Hero MotoCorp wants to develop products with its new partners so that it can replace those developed with Honda.

They may be newly-launched products, but Hero MotoCorp has said it will phase out Impulse and Ignitor motorcycles and Maestro scooter after some time as they have been launched with technology assistance from erstwhile partner Honda Motor Co of Japan.

We feel that the products will not be discontinued, but Hero may upgrade them with new technology which will be developed in house. For this Hero, is setting up an integrated R&D centre near Jaipur with an investment of Rs 400 crore.

In February, the company announced a partnership with US superbike company Erik Buell Racing (EBR), and in March signed a research deal.

With completion heating up, and the aggressive approach by the Japanese two makers, Hero MotoCorp will have to constantly keep upgrading its product line-up and also launch new models to keep the customer inflow constant.

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Info Source: ET