Honda City CNG on the cards, temporary solution to diesel?

Honda plans to revive the City by launching the car with a CNG option. The decision could be Honda’s temporary answer to attract customers who have switched to diesel options to beat the hike in petrol price. The launch is expected to take place around Diwali.

But how did Honda develop this technology in a record months time?

We feel Honda must have collaborated with a CNG kit supplier and tested the cars for any issues. In the NCR region it is very common to find Honda cars with CNG kits. Customers also drive their CR-V’s and Accords on CNG and have not had any major issues.

The company will certainly consider the Sequential CNG kit which comes with a separate ECU and switches on automatically without losing on engine power. Also there is no much loss of power with the use of this kit.

With the company offering this kit there also no worry of the warranty being void. Expect a premim pricing of at least 30-40K on the kits offered by the company as those compared to retro fitted ones.

Toyota also had offered the CNG kits on the Innova & Corolla Altis petrol options, but later stop when the  company launched the new versions.