Honda India launches introduces Accord V6 with Sunroof

Honda India  launched its latest version of flagship sedan Accord 3.5L V6, enhancing the exterior styling of the car, with an Electric Sunroof and additional luxury features.
The introduction of Sunroof will give the Accord an impressive panoramic feeling by making it look brighter and larger.  The Sunroof introduction was found to be the most desirable feature in Accord V6 based on the customer’s feedback.

The Accord V6 will also feature Ambient Light and Footlight which accentuate the style and enhance visibility during darkness allowing enough light to see the controls. The car will also be equipped with 2 sets of Keyless entry for added convenience to the customers.

The Footlight and 2 sets of Keyless entry have also been introduced in the Honda Accord 2.4L MT/ AT variants. In addition, Honda Accord 3.5L V6 and Honda Accord 2.4L now have a provision for Mobile phone with Bluetooth interface.

Accord’s V6 3.5-liter i-VTEC engine with 275 PS makes it the most powerful Accord ever built and provides driving performance at par with luxury vehicles from higher segments.

The V6 3.5-liter i-VTEC engine features an advanced Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system that switches between six-, four-, and three-cylinder combustion depending on the driving conditions and thereby delivering maximum power of 275 PS during six cylinder operation and impressive fuel economy in VCM mode while cruising.

To achieve the same quietness and smoothness, as when running on all six cylinders, new Active Control Engine Mounts (ACM) and Active Noise Control (ANC) systems have been designed to complement the VCM technology.

The complete Accord range will be available at the Ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs. 18,52,000 for 2.4L MT, Rs.19,27,000 for 2.4L AT and Rs 26,15,000 for 3.5L V6.