Honda plans diesel engines for India

Honda has been always criticized for not having a diesel engine & they have been losing market share for that, but now Honda wants to fight back the critics by bringing in its whole new range of diesel engines.

Honda has put its whole R&D team behind the diesel program which they are fine tuning right now, & the rumour is that they have put all their formula-one engineers, behind the diesel program.

This shows that Honda really is in some serious business with their whole new range of diesel cars which they are planning to get for India and parts of the world.

Honda is planning develop a 1.4 & 1.6 litre diesel engines which will sworn a whole new small family of diesel engines .

The cars are likely to get the diesel hearts are: Brio, Jazz, City and Civic.

There is also news that Honda is planning a sub 4 metre Sedan based on the Brio and the car too will get a 1.4 litre diesel engine which will compete with cars like the Suzuki desire & Toyota Etios. So a whole lot of exciting stuff coming from the Honda stable but not for another 2 years at least.