i20 caught again, is Hyundai planning an Blue Drive variant

Hyundai i20 facelift was caught again testing in Chennai and it’s very clear from the images that the car will get the new Fludic design which was first introduced on the Verna in India.

Hyundai has been testing the i20 quite seriously for quite some time. This has raised some doubts in our minds as carsmakers do not test the facelifts so rigorously unless the car has some serious changes under the hood or some mechanical changes.

Possible changes

Hyundai may launch the i20 Blue drive with an factory fitted LPG kit. This will certainly help Hyundai to target a new customer segment which doesn’t mind shelling an extra for a alternative fuel car, especially considering the petrol prices are only moving up.

Revised suspension and upgraded steering: the i20 lacks the driver’s car feel as the electric steering is very light and does to give the right feedback. The company many also give some tweaks to the suspension which could help to improve the drive further.

Updated 1.2 engine: another possibility is an power upgrade to the 1.2 Kappa engine to meet the spces of the new Swift which now has 87ps of power.

Hyundai have not hinted about any time frame for the launch, but we feel it could be launched just post budget as most car makers keep an eye on the budget so to tweak products to get the excise benefits.

Image source: Facebook.com/MotorVikatan