Interview with Vinu S V 2500+ kms within 36 hours

SV Vinu, a Hyderabadi biker, rides nonstop for more than 2500 km in less than 36 hours to complete the ‘Bun Burner’, a feat that is certified by the Iron Butt Association(IBA) USA, a leading club that certifies long distance endurance rides across the world and is the hub of the ‘World’s Toughest Riders’.

Vinu also remains the only biker from Andhra Pradesh to have completed the Saddlesore (1600 km in 24 hours).

We interview SV Vinu, who shares some of his experiences and moments.

1) Could you briefly introduce and tell us about yourself?

My name is Vinu S V, 26 years young from Hyderabad. My friends and close one’s address me as MadMax and I am trying to make a living out of riding a Motorcycle.

2) When was the love for bikes and biking start?

I have been living for close to 9 years now. To be honest I used to be scared even to ride a gear-less ride at the beginning. Thanks to my late brother Dhruv who taught me how to ride a motorcycle and got me going on the wheels. He was THE inspiration and was some one who was really fast and safe at the same time. RIP Dhruv.

3) Which bikes you have owned previously and which is your current ride?

I been around a number of bikes, thanks mainly to a few close friends especially at the early days when I pretty much could not afford one for myself. Bikes I have owned so far includes Hero Honda Passion, Hero Honda Karizma-Premium Sports, Hero Honda Karizma -R, Bajaj Pulsar 220S and its a Yamaha R15 who’s giving me company for now 🙂

4) Any particular reason for buying this bike?

I believe in performance biking that I can afford and it was the obvious choice in the market when I decided to make the purchase around 20 months back.

5) Which is the next bike you wish to buy?

If wishes were horses, I would be riding around on a Yamaha R6 for sure 🙂  I absolutely love the high-revving nature and would love to own one some day. On a serious note – looking at the rides and other plans I have lined up,my next ride could be a 250cc but my banker says the wait is going o be slightly long 😐

6) In your garage which bikes would you love to park?

Are they meant to be parked around garages as show off trophies or what ?? 😛

Well would love to see the Yamaha R6 for sure , Yamaha Fz1, KTM 690 Enduro R and maybe a bmw F800R.

7) What made you take up this Iron Butt Association (IBA) USA and why?

I happened to read about IBA couple of years back and got hooked on as I have always loved doing long distance safe endurance rides. People who knew me around thought that I can pull one of the IBA challenges real easy but I kept hanging back for a bit. But last year during my South Solo ride, I dashed across from Cochin to Hyderabad under 17 hours flat under not so friendly road/weather conditions. That ride changed a lot of things for me from deep within in terms of confidence, sizing me against myself as to how much I can push, where to draw the line etc. After that It was just a matter of time 🙂

8) How many month did you prepare for it?

My first Iron Butt Record Ride – Saddle Sore1600 (1600+kms within 24 hours) was in pipe line for a long time. Planning and preparations were made months in advance but I was busy at the race track and was involved in few stunt tours and rides. Soon as I got off those commitments I successfully finished the Saddle Sore1600 in April 2011.

For the BunBurner (2500+ kms within 36 hours) I gave myself about 5 months to get in to full fitness, planning and other preparations. In fact I believe I am the only rider from India who has done two IBA record rides within such short span of time.

9) Can you share the experiences of the Challenge?

I read some where that “Saddle Sore is not as difficult as it sounds and BunBurner is extremely more difficult than it looks”. I can’t help but completely agree to that. I had so much left in me after the Saddle Sore but Bun Burner I had to give it all, give it everything. Apart from the usual fatigue and physical and mental tiredness I had slight issues for a while having to deal with a bleeding ear and a bruised and battered eye caused by the bug hitting on the highway. But yeah, end of the day I would say I had fun and it’s something worth cherishing for a life time 🙂

10) Any tips to riders who plan to do the same?

Plan every tiny detail as much as possible in terms of route, fuel stations, and every other little thing possible. Make sure you are in great physical and mental state (Regular cycling, jogging and other endurance building exercise definitely helps). Make sure the bike is ready to face the demands of such a grueling ride and have all the right set up for it. Try and gather as much information as you can from people who have done or attempted the ride etc. Make sure you understand your own physical capabilities as to where to draw the line in terms of how long you can ride at one stretch without a break, how long you can manage to stay up without sleep, without food etc. Once you know your own limits, try and work alongside them to achieve the goal. Keep yourself hydrated with water, carry plenty of Red Bull to make sure you are awake and alert 🙂

11) You plan to become a professional racer? Have you been approached by any team?

I do have few plans and rides and other things related that I would love to do. Its been over a year where I have left my job and took up Motor Cycle riding on a full time basis.

Past year was real good, I have done around 14 Inter State Rides and plenty of small one’s, been on the race track few times as part of some big names, did a Stunt Tour with a leading Motor Cycle brand and the two IBA Record Rides. First and only one from Andhra Pradesh to have successfully done a IBA SaddleSore (1600+kms within 24 hours) and the First from South India to have done a IBA BunBurner (2500+ kms within 36 hours). With out any kind of help and support in terms of sponsorship its  almost impossible to carry on. There is no lack of talent in this country but motor sports in general is kind of an expensive affair for most middle class folks like me and we do need a helping hand.

12) Advice for our readers

Always wear safety gear regardless of how big the ride is or how small. Be positive and ride safe.

Our teams wishes Vinu all the very best for his biking career.