Kia Picanto caught testing again, is Kia planning in India foray?

The Kia brand which is the sister concern of India’s second largest car maker Hyundai is looking at the Indian market for quite some time now. The company had made an announcement of its entry in India but later backed out as it felt it was not the right time to enter in growing Indian market.

Nevertheless the company is still testing their cars in India and it could be a part of the global testing in India. The new Picanto shares its platform with the i10 which is made in India and was once again spotted testing. But this time the car had a thick covering unlike the previous times where only the badges were covered.

Hyundai is looking for its third plant for the Indian market, So we feel this could be an important milestone for the South Korean car maker to utilise the production facility to achieve economies of scale and may also produce cars for the sister brand Kia.

With Volkswagen & Skoda, Renault-Nissan using the same platforms for similar models why can’t Kia will not do the same for the Indian market.

Image source: MotorVikatan