Kingfisher Blue Himalayan edition

As a tribute to all the free-spirited individuals, adrenaline junkies, thrill-seekers, adventure lovers (call them what you will), Kingfisher Blue is proud to be the parent of the Kingfisher Blue Mile.

The Kingfisher Blue Mile is not an escape from reality but, an experience of what living life truly means. Whether it means biking through treacherous mountain terrain, negotiating fearsome rapids on a well-used rubber raft, scuba-diving in crystal clear waters, treading through snow-capped vegetation high up in the Himalayas or just plain para-sailing with a prayer and a million heartbeats all rolled into one; the Kingfisher Blue Mile has a little something for every kind.

The first edition of the Kingfisher Blue Mile kicks off on 5th July ‘2011 with a unique ride through the Himalayas in association with Outback Adventures. This Great Himalayan Motorcycling Expedition is all set to make men out of boys as they pass through some of the most desolate places on earth, negotiate murderous hairpin bends, endure uncompromising weather, and at the same time, push themselves and their machines to the ultimate limit. Starting from the picturesque setting of Leh and passing through 1400 kms of Trans-Himalayan roadways, the expedition will come to an end in the national capital – New Delhi on 15th July ‘2011. But, this is just the beginning. So, are you ready for it?

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