Load your Ford Fiesta with Accessories

Ford launched the new Fiesta and has also launched a number Accessories to meet ones tastes. All Accessories are listed below along with the benefits of adding them.

Slimline Weathersheilds, Premium

Function: To deflect heat waves and rain while driving with windows down

Feature: Rigid plastic comes in dark colour, Fitted on the 4 doors, Comes with light weight FRP material


Windows can be kept down while driving in mild rains and hot conditions

Adds to Elegant look of the Car

Provides better aerodynamic flow pattern for the car

Useful while driving in light drizzle

Illuminated Door Scuff Plate (Front only)

Function: Aesthetic accessory

Feature: Comes as a set of 2 plates for front, Made of chrome finished metal with auto illumination when the doors are opened, Comes with Fiesta badging


Enhances looks of the car

Protects rocker panel from scratches and damage

Sporty Pedals, MT

Function: Visual enhancement of the Interior aesthetics / sporty look

Feature:Perfect seating on the pedals, Comes in three pieces for brake, clutch and accelerator


Easy to fit

Provides better grip

Protects original Pedals

Illuminated Gear Knob

Function: Aesthetic accessory

Feature: Made of Automotive Leather, Made of Aluminium finished metal with auto red illumination when the reverse gear is engaged


Enhances looks of the car

Arm Rest with Stowage

Function: Enhances the Driving Comfort

Feature: Made of Automotive Leather & Plastic, Comes with a sliding and a reclining option to suit comfort levels

Comes with a Storage console as well for added utility


Enhanced driving comfort for long drives

Added utility for storage of spectacles, phones, etc

3M Side Graphics, Fiesta

Function: Adds a Brand identity for the vehicle, Unrivaled super durability –non-discolouration and non-oxidization

Feature: Super Durability, Cool Aesthetics, Technologically Advanced


Scratch Resistant Hard Coat

Assurance of long term high performance and protection of film investment

Ease in cleaning and maintenance

None of conventional films problems such as fading, discolouration, oxidization, peeling, bubbling, cracking

Peace of Mind

Leather Steering Wheel-Plum (Audio Controls)

Function: To provide an aesthetic & superior quality grip

Feature: Comes with crafted automotive leather


Provides great looks and great grip

Front Foglamps Kit

Function: Safety feature, Assists better driving in dark & foggy conditions

Unique shaped round lamps, Provide aesthetic improvement

Feature: Comes in unique Round shape, Comes with bright clear lens, Fits snugly in bumper, Comes with a unique indash switch, Comes with a Ford unique wiring harness


Easy to operate

Provides bright light to aid driving in dark foggy conditions

Child Seat

Function: To ensure safety and security of your new born’s inside the car

Feature: Comes with a special profile to suit your new born’s comfortably, Secures to the seat with the seat belts

Can be secured in front of rear seats, Comes with special stitching pattern for unique design and rigidity, Comes with a special 12mm foam for extra comfort


Enhances the seating comfort of your new born’s

Can be easily cleaned

European CE certification for the crash requirements

Sporty Airdam, Front Bumper with Chrome Bezels

Function: Increased Styling and Sporty quotient to your car

Feature: Consists of the complete front mesh and a pair of Chrome Bezels


Personalise and make your style statement

Info source: Ford India