Mahindra: Video guides for off-roaders!

Mahindra & Mahindra is proud to present to all off-roading enthusiasts and beginners, a chance to understand off-roading as a serious subject. Enthusiasts can watch off-roading videos on Mahindra Great Escape’s channel on YouTube.

These instructions are presented by Mr. Hari Singh, a national champion in the Rally circuit. He is a seasoned off-roader and in these videos he shares his experience in off-roading and his association with Mahindra Great Escape.

The videos cover a range of topics that can guide off-roading enthusiasts to negotiate the difficult terrrain of slush, mud and water while going on an off-road trip, all the while focusing on safety.

Check out the Exciting Videos

1.    Introduction to Off-Roading

2.    Do’s & Dont’s of Off Roading

3.    Mahindra Great Escape!

Source: Mahindra