Maruti Suzuki unveil XA Alpha, all details inside

India’s largest carmaker which currently rules the hatcbackk segment is all set to enter the SUV segment with the launch of new XA?(XA Alpha) concept.

The New XA? (XA Alpha) was the first model to be unveiled on the first day of the 2012 Auto Expo.  The XA?(XA Alpha) combines the likes of a urban car and the ruggedness and ‘muscle’ of a SUV.

What does the XA?(XA Alpha) name mean?

In XA?(XA Alpha), the ‘Alpha’ represents trendiness and newness that the youth connect to. The ‘A’ signifies that this compact, 4 metre long concept, is designed for customers wishing to enter the utility vehicle segment. The ‘X’ denotes Cross-over category.

Maruti Suzuki which is facing the heat of competition wants to decrees its dependence on the compact car segment.

The SUV segment has seen a good growth rate in 2010-11. Ford unveiled its 2nd global product Ecosport in India which is a soft SUV. Premier also showcased the facelifted Rio at the 2012 Auto Expo.

Maruti will have competition when the product does get launched in 2013-14.

Official Press release

XA?(XA Alpha) a concept for a compact SUV, was unveiled at the Maruti Suzuki pavilion at Auto Expo 2012 here today.

XA? combines ruggedness and ‘muscle’ – the traditional attributes of a Sports Utility Vehicle – with elegance, a certain finesse and compactness.

In XA?, the ‘Alpha’ represents trendiness and newness that the youth connect to. The ‘A’ signifies that this compact, 4 metre long concept, is designed for customers wishing to enter the utility vehicle segment. The ‘X’ denotes Cross-over category.

Presented in glistening Lava Red, the XA? is the show stopper, occupying centre stage at the market leader’s Auto Expo pavilion this year.

Together with Ertiga, to be unveiled on January 6, the XA? signals Maruti Suzuki’s plans to expand into the utility vehicles space.

While continuing to strengthen its compact car portfolio, the Company will create new categories in the utility vehicle segment as an option for existing Maruti Suzuki customers as well as for new ones.

The Company will back this foray with the best in technology. While expanding its popular range of K-series petrol engines, the Company will build on the success of its diesel offerings.

With India on course to becoming one of the leading automobile economies in the world, Maruti Suzuki has lined up a busy product plan to drive the growth and meet diverse customer needs in a fast maturing market.

Since the last Auto Expo in 2010, Maruti Suzuki has launched a range of new vehicles. By launching a new WagonR, a new Swift and a new Alto K-10 the Company has been able to maintain its clear leadership, despite several new competitor models in the compact car space.

Unveiling the Concept XA?, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi said: “India is set to become one of the top automobile markets of the world. This may become evident as early as the next Delhi Auto Expo. Maruti Suzuki will lead India’s automobile growth and evolution by strengthening its compact car portfolio, entering new segments and creating new product categories across fuel options”.

He added: “The Concept XA? is designed for a market of customers with a young urban lifestyle. This Concept showcases the unified R&D efforts of Suzuki and Maruti which will be a big asset for us in India in the future”.

Bestsellers from Suzuki Japan

On display at the show are Suzuki’s bestsellers MR Wagon, Palette, Solio and SX4 hatchback for public view and seeking comments and opinions on the aspects of design, features and pricing. These vehicles demonstrate Suzuki’s unique strength to pack values of superior technology and high-end features into compact cars. They also highlight Suzuki’s capabilities to offer optimum space in compact dimensions’. Based on consumers’ feedback and insights on design, technology and pricing, the Company will decide on any possibility of their introduction in India.

Way of Life

Way of Life, the theme of the pavilion symbolizes the company’s philosophy of constantly trying to find what the customers want and creating products and services to delight and enrich the customers’ lives. The four critical pillars of Way of Life namely Value, Spirited, Sporty and Straight Forwardness will be showcased though the four neat zones of the pavilion.

Other display cars

The Maruti Suzuki range of regular production models is displayed in interesting interpretations and accessorized forms like Swift Concept – Night Rider; A-star – Cabriolet two-seater convertible; Estilo – Dreamliner; Wagon R – Urbane and Omni – Cuppa Joy.

The wide array of display vehicles demonstrates how Brand Maruti Suzuki integrates into the life of every Indian. The existing vehicle range has taken on new dynamic avatars to exhibit the versatility of usage of the Maruti Suzuki range.