Maruti to launch Eco in November

Maruti plans to launch new MPV which could replace the old Versa.. The new MPV will be called as “Eco”. Some details on Eco.

* The rear wheel drive Eco will get the Bharat IV emission compliant engine

* Eco will come with an 1200cc engine

* Eco will come only with a petrol engine (G12 series). The current Versa uses G13 series engine.

* No diesel engine (the 1.3 multijet could do wonders if launched so)

* Eco will come in both seven and five seater option

* Eco will come only in two variants – LX and VX

* “Eco” was codenamed as “O2?. The eco friendly nature of this MUV is yet to be known.

* Price of Eco may start from Rs. 3.7lakhs