Mercedes-M-Class launch pics, press release

Mercedes-Benz India introduced the powerful, agile and luxurious new third generation M-Class, sporting the Mercedes-Benz new design language, to the market. The New M-Class stays true to the lineage of its predecessors and drives into the future with better fuel efficiency, new look and superior performance. The New M-Class exemplifies Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy of the ‘Best or Nothing’ being the engineering marvel that it is.

Peter Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India explains: “At the start of this year we had promised to introduce exciting new models into the market. We are proud to present today the New M Class, built to perform with the highest precision and follows the Mercedes-Benz new design language. We are confident that the quality of drive and the luxurious experience it can deliver will be a big hit with the customers and it will be warmly received.”

Aggressive design language: The design of the M-Class is a trailblazing further development of the SUV concept. The unmistakable style makes the W166 series instantly recognizable as an M-Class. The horizontal lines at the rear emphasise the vehicle’s on-road character. These lines are picked up in the cockpit, with its compelling combination of ergonomic, practical design and the use of high-grade materials.

What’s New?

This new edition of the M-Class, now in its third generation, sets new benchmarks in SUV design, technology and performance. The NEW M-Class sports powerful exterior and interior design featuring high – quality details, following the interpretation of a contemporary SUV.

The vehicle leads the field in safety, comfort, quality feel over its competitors. The pinnacle of comfort and load compartment capacity offering ease of handling,  on and off-road.

Keeping true to the new design language, the new M-Class has been envisioned with a much sleeker frame as compared to its predecessor. Though the vehicle is significantly larger it does not make it look bulkier. There is an overall increase in the length and width of the car.

A true off-roader,  the New M-Class has been fitted with technology that would help customized settings for engine performance, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Electronic Traction System all at the touch of the off-button on the console.

Safety is a primary mover for Mercedes-Benz; the New M-Class is packed with safety technology. It has nine strategically located air – bags that ensures the safety of its passengers upon collision / accident. Additionally it is built with a PRE-SAFE technology that help prevent such instances.

Protection of the environment is a key task of every individual, the New M-Class has been built with this thought in mind. The vehicle has been built with the ECO start-stop function, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions- by automatically switching off the engine during traffic jams or traffic signals.

Making the drive more pleasurable is the technology that has been packed into the new generation such as ATTENTION ASSIST, that alerts the driver on detection of drowsiness on longer trips; an Active Parking Assist with integrated PARKTRONIC technology, and a new rearview camera that increases comfort and provides a real safety plus.

The NEW M-Class sets the bar higher for a Luxury SUV in driver’s delight, passenger convenience and overall safety, a testimony of which is the prestigious EURO NCAP 5 Star rating awarded to the vehicle.